Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Jersss

Hello! So for a new update on life in our world, Prathap has landed a wonderful job at
Princeton University, so we have relocated to Princeton, New Jersey!

NJ is amazing! At least the part we are in, and miles around us... it's just beautiful! I think NJ gets a bad rap because of Newark, but there is so
much more to it than industrialized madness. It's so green and full of life. There are a ton of squirrels out our win
dows that run around all day. I can always hear the song of the cicadas and the fireflies! Oh the fireflies! Don't get me started! They are so beautiful and I can't believe I lived in a desert for so many years where there weren't any fireflies. Somehow they are just magical to me, I don't know...

I have also managed to get an amazing job at a charter high school in Trenton, which I'm thrilled about. I will start in nearly a week and a half, and after that I will be VERY busy, so I've tried to get as much travelling in as the budget will allow.

My brother drove across the country with me and my packed car, and that was an awesome adventure in and of itself. When he was still here we went to Philly, and then came home for a night, and went to NYC the next day. Since then I've been to NYC again, and we've also checked out many of the towns around us like Somerset, Ewing, New Brunswick, Edison, and probably more I can't remember. Our friend Ashlee is coming down from NYC tomorrow and we're going to take a trip to Cape May on the shore, which I'm really excited about. I can't believe I have a beach and ocean this close!!!

I am excited for many more chances to explore uncharted territory, and have new experiences with my love! Till then.

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