Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Catch Up Post

Sooo also when I last posted, we had just moved to New Jersey for Prathap's Post Doc at Princeton! That lasted about three years, during which time I helped found Foundation Academy Charter School. Once his post doc was over, we started the job hunt, and ended up in New York City! We have now been in New York three years and it has been a great experience for us! Prathap got a job as a professor and I am working as a teacher in the South Bronx. We have lived on the Upper East Side, in Harlem (currently) and soon we will be moving to Astoria, Queens.

One exciting even last year, was that on September 30, 2016, Prathap became a US Citizen! It was really moving to attend his swearing in ceremony <3

7 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Hi internets,

It's been a long time since I last posted I know. I have so much to catch you all up on, but first and foremost: I realized that I posted pictures of our courthouse wedding, but I never posted pics of our reception!

 We did have our courthouse wedding, but then we had a reception at Park City Mountain Resort on 7-30-2010, about a month later. In one week it will be 7 years from that day! I was so happy to share our nuptials with our family and friends. The only down side was that most of Prathap's family was not there, as they are in India. I always told him I would love an Indian wedding as well, but having gone to them all his life, he is not a fan of all the pomp and circumstance. So we went with a reception in the mountains, and it was beautiful!
Prathap's cousin Uma and her husband Madhavan were able to be there and it was great to see them! We had visited them in Raleigh, NC where they live a while before.

My favorite decoration from the whole wedding was the cakes (pictured above) They were marzipan instead of fondant with elaborate henna icing and peacock feather decorations. It was one of the details I had a clear idea of in my mind, and the finished cakes were exactly what I wanted!

It makes me so happy to see these pics now, even though I have a few framed around the house. I love Prathap more today than I did then. Seven years later and we have had so many more adventures and trials and celebrations and new opportunities. I am so lucky to have such an amazing partner in life!