Saturday, March 3, 2007


i've been trying to think about one thing i loved and it was really really hard. i couldn't narrow it down... I love creativity - painting drawing writing building things, i love the way i feel after a really good workout, and the way i feel when i reach my workout goals, and saturday mornings when i can wake up and still lay in bed for a while in half-awake-half-asleep land, i love when i'm into a book so much that i can hardly tear myself away, i love seeing best friends that have moved away and finding that nothing has changed and we're still as good of friends as ever. i love camping and southern utah and anywhere where you can hear the heartbeat of the earth. i love struggle too, and hardship and lessons that are hard to learn because it's always worth it... i love life!

and i love my sweetheart prathap and so many more...

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